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Get Unstuck Now

Sep 3, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Amy discuss:

How dogs can help decrease anxiety and depression and offer unconditional love.

How dogs are tuned into your body language and behavior. 

How Amy goes live every on her German Shepherd Country FB every Tuesday to take questions and give answers regarding dogs or current issues arising around dogs.

How dogs are members of the family and are in relationship with us. 

How taking control of your dog can parallel taking control of your life. 

How Amy has become an international expert helping dog owners all over the world. 


Key Takeaways:

Dogs are therapeutic, can ameliorate stress and enhance the quality of life. 

German Shepherds, often used by the Police and Military, are working dogs,very intelligent and need to be kept busy. 

Amy has embraced her love for German Shepherds in the areas of training and even being able to read the dog. 

In her work, Amy was able to break things down for the owners. 

She has taken her experience online and to writing and is the author of adult and children’s books.

Like all relationships, you need to express what you want and have boundaries as needed. 


“You have to teach and how to show your dog what you want and what you expect so you have to put the time in at the beginning of the relationship.” - Amy Morford


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