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Get Unstuck Now

May 20, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and Amy discuss:

Her journey, lessons learned, risk-taking, all of which have brought her to this very successful point in her life. She is the CEO of Lead At Any Level, author of several works, and a


Key Takeaways:

Amy discussed her upcoming book, From Panic to Purpose.

She discussed her work in the tenuous field of IT. These experiences led her to examine her life and take a different approach. 

She decided to stay in a company even if she knew the position would come to an end and decided to learn from it and not sit in that panic. 

She was able to get “unstuck.”

Amy also found creative ways to get people to think about their self-sabotaging. 

She also emphasizes self care in the form of tracking sleep and food for a week. 

With her new approach, Amy learned ways to predict or mitigate against changes they cannot foresee which she discusses in her book. 

She suggests that people begin to think about their next job when they begin a new job and explains much of it in her book. 

We always need to be prepared for the next change and have a plan in place. 

“It is like when you see people on trapezes. They cannot get ahold of one without letting go of the other...There is no way to hold both.” - Amy Waninger


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Book: Stop Depriving the World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck

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