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Get Unstuck Now

May 8, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and David Nassaney discuss:

David is a best-selling author and a caregiving expert who speaks about how to deal with burnout, survive the grief process and to remain positive. He helps other caretakers learn to take care of themselves.


Key Takeaways:

David talks about how he met his wife, the difficulty of navigating the crisis around his wife’s stroke and need for more caregiving, and his commitment to the love of his life. 

He has written three books dealing with the issues around caregiving.

His fourth book is about wisdom he acquires on the hammock which is being edited. 

Thirty percent of caregivers die before those they are caretaking, and David offers information to help prevent this. 

Caregivers have much in common.

Isolation is common. 

David did a TedX talk, “Caregivers Need To Be Selfish In Order To Survive.”

He and his wife’s faith is very strong.

His C.A.R.E. formula is simple but necessary.

“You get motivated, and you get out there because you have some skin in the game.” - David Nassaney


Connect with David Nassaney:

Website: - Membership Site - Sign Up 

Facebook Page: Dave The Caregivers’ Caregiver


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Book: Stop Depriving the World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck 

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