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Apr 8, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and Barbara Ingrassia discuss:

Issues related to copyrights. Many people are unaware of how far this may extend. Barbara offers a wealth of information. She will return for part two to discuss more about this complicated topic. Her background as a librarian helped her develop a passion for managed copyright.


Key Takeaways:

Images are often viewed free because they are floating around the Internet. Often, however, they are not. 

Attribution of a photo does not mean permission is granted. 

Literally, copyright is the right to make a copy. 

It is the protection of intellectual property of the mind which means it protects the expression of ideas. 

Something that is fixed or tangible is included in this - authorship with a modicum of creativity. 

Laws have changed around copyright making it easier to protect.

While we are creating, we can minimize the risk of having it taken by others. 

A personal copyright is life plus seventy years in the United States before it comes into the public domain.

There are grey areas that are not always easy to discern. 


“Assume something is covered by copyright until you can determine otherwise. - Barbara Ingrassia


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