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Get Unstuck Now

Dec 24, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Denise discuss:

Denise specializes in anxiety, chronic pain and infertility.

She is involved in a pilot study at McLean.

Denise has a background in mental health and social work.

Denise has a Master's Degree in Chinese and Japanese medicine.

She started a new chapter at age 40.

Denise talked about the differences between Chinese and Japanese medicine.


Key Takeaways:

Her background in working in prisons led her to thinking about acupuncture.

Denise works primarily with women in her acupuncture practice.

She also uses guided meditation and breathwork as needed.

Denise was ready after 45 to become a businesswoman, and she did.

Hard work, confidence, and past athleticism helped her develop her character.

Acupuncture does not replace but complements western medicine.


”Regarding fertility, the Kidneys are the base energy. They are the heater system.” - Denise Patnod


Connect with Denise:

Google Denise Patnod.

Denise Patnod Acupuncture is her practice name and is in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Connect with Darlene Corbett:


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