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Get Unstuck Now

Nov 12, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Karen Kempskie-aquino discuss:

Karen began middle eastern dancing in college. She loved the music, movement and costumes. Karen realized she loves to perform and began dancing with a local group for many years. Leaving to pursue other interests, she returned to this endeavor thirty years later. Karen rediscovered her love for middle eastern dance, has studied with a variety of teachers both locally and internationally, has performed many solo acts, and was a founding member of a dance company which specializes in dance from Northern Africa and the Middle East. Recently, she joined a co-op of dancers who meet monthly and produce and perform every other month. 


Key Takeaways:

For Karen, the attraction to this particular form of dance was something very deep which she did not receive from other forms. Also, the “bling” was also appealing. 

There are different kinds of Middle Eastern Dance including cabaret style which most people are familiar. Another major form is folklore where belly dancing originated which includes those involving men. 

There is another form which is known as tribal belly dancing. 

Another example of someone returning to a passion at a later chapter in life. 

There are women in their seventies still dancing. 

Women of all ages often share that it has opened up their world. 

Dance is therapeutic.

Karen strongly encourages anyone who has an interest in belly dancing, just do it!


“I am never going to be perfect but nobody is.” - Karen Kempskie-aquino


Connect with Karen:

On Friday, November 15th, Belly Dance Circle Co-Op (Karen’s group) will be performing at Ancient Art Studio in Berkeley, MA. Admission is $8.00 ahead, $12.00 at the door or bring food. 

Belly Dance Circle Co-Op is her Facebook Page. 


Connect with Darlene Corbett:


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