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Get Unstuck Now

Aug 27, 2019

Kathryn Louise LeBlanc: Specialized Self-Development Coach With Radiance

In This Episode, Darlene and Kathryn discuss:

How her Transformational workshops and trainings assist people personally and professionally.

How she developed her Training for Radiance Program.

How compiling different schools of thought helped her create her program.

How her own stuckness propelled her to this place.

How you can change the vibration with your energy.

How it is important to go where the intellect is and training the life force.

How her group work invites safety and synergy.

How people are able to go deep, learn and take action steps upon completion of her Transformational workshops.


Key Takeaways:

We can make our own “radiance.”

We have resources within us to help make healthy choices 

We can take pleasure in things around us such as “smelling the roses”- the energy vibration of this is one of the highest smells that there is.

Myers-Briggs was developed by a mother-daughter team but was seeded by Carl Jung.

The biggest thing which is most powerful is when people are curious.

When we make healthy shifts, we fire more oxytocin versus cortisol.


“I love the energy model. I love looking energetically on how we function because there are thousands of years of wisdom about that.” - Kathryn Louise LeBlanc


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