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Aug 22, 2019

Melody Beach of Melody Beach Consulting

In this episode, Darlene and Melody discuss:

Melody’s  25 years of experience as a Human Resources professional and the many roles which that encompasses. 

Going out on her own and starting Melody L. Beach Consulting Group which is a central Massachusetts-based company that provides human resources to small- and medium-sized companies and transitional coaching for individuals either in transition or looking to make a change. 

How she has become a licensed group leader of 50+ Job Seekers Networking Group program and her fervent belief in its benefits as demonstrated by her own financial investment. 


Key Takeaways: 

People can use their experience to develop new projects and chapters in their lives.

There are more services than ever before for people in transition. 

Being over fifty does not mean the end of employment as evidenced by Melody’s professional and financial commitment. 

Attending a group such as the 50+ Job Seekers Networking, helps you recognize you are not alone and can help each other. 

“The first class is really about finding yourself...They may find out they have a hidden strength that they did even realize from their years of working that we can actually utilize and, perhaps, seek other employment….” - Melody Beach


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