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Get Unstuck Now

Nov 27, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Michelle Holmes Mercier discuss:

Her journey to developing her company Create Honesty.

She has a successful background in the corporate world including nationally acclaimed nonprofits to Fortune 500 companies.

Her background has helped her become an expert in business development, leadership, operational excellence, marketing, and technology.

Her work now involves being a Speaker, Author, Coach and Consultant. In addition, she is a mother of two and a wife of an amazing husband. 

Also, she is the Leader of the Worcester Chapter of the Polka Dots.


Key Takeaways:

Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich, is ageless.

Her theatrical background has lent itself to be used in her speaking endeavors.

Being laid off propelled her to take another path.

After speaking to and talking with a number of women, she learned that many felt the same way as her, appearing to have it all but not really happy.

She chose the title, Create Honesty, rather than use her name because it helped her remain loyal to her mission of authenticity.

Although she has had struggles, she tries to maintain a positive attitude. 

Humor is helpful.

Michelle helps people recognize they must fix their mindset.

There appears to be a shift in the corporate world with the increasing recognition of the value of people.

Mindfulness is being introduced in the business world.

Fear is again a main culprit. 

Planning is important.

Doing the same thing for twenty years, makes it difficult to change so small tweaks are important.

Don’t be afraid to dream.

There is never a perfect time to make a leap.

“I invest in my clients as if I were investing in a new friend. Although there is a professional line, I care about your outcome.” - Michelle Holmes Mercier

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