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Get Unstuck Now

Jun 5, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and the Authors discuss:

Grandfather and grandson have many shared talents and collaborated on their book, When You Realize How Perfect Everything Is.

There is so much here in this conversation with such positive energy flowing. 


Key Takeaways:

Bernie was putting together another book on spirituality and examined some of Charlie’s work.

They recognized that they have much in common from Bernie’s painting and Charlie’s photography to poetry and other writings. 

Bernie often talks about how perfectly and imperfect life is. 

All of their similarities brought together this beautiful book. 

Charlie wanted to take their sharing and put it together to inspire the world. 

They go through seven sections which incorporates a spiritual outlook on life. 

As Charlie indicated, you might get inspired by hearing their poems and create something yourself.

Charlie and Bernie write free-verse poetry. They go for a flowing message. 

Charlie is also a spiritual-fiction writer.  Conversations with An Angel.

“My candle burns. Not to dispel the darkness but put forth the light.” - Bernie Siegel


Connect with Bernie and Charlie:

Websites: and https://www.WisdomoftheAges.Biz (Charlie’s page, writings and photography can be found there.

Their Book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and a signed copy from WisdomoftheAges.Biz.

Connect with Darlene Corbett:


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