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Get Unstuck Now

Apr 15, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and Lisa See discuss:

Ms. See’s numerous, illustrious books that focus on Asian-American women, primarily Chinese. Her more recent book shifts gear slightly to talk about the matrifocal haenyeo society in Korea.


Key Takeaways:

She is a third-generation writer.

Before she became a writer, she pursued her desire to travel. Eventually, while in Greece, she realized she wanted to be a writer. 

Over the years, she has grown as a writer. 

Lisa See thinks about her ideas for a long time. 

She goes to every place she writes about. 

Her latest book was inspired by a small article published about a soon-to-be-extinct culture.

She is a firm believer in sitting in front of the screen to write those words which need to be written.

The tradition of footbinding was discussed and how it lingered past the time it became a republic.

Those who advocate extinguishing FGM use the elimination of footbinding as a model.


“What is my way in?” - Lisa See


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Latest Book: The Island of Sea Women

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