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Oct 16, 2019

In Part Three of Three Episodes, Darlene concludes her discussion:

How the convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein has brought attention to the issue of sexual abuse of children. In this particular episode, Darlene focuses on the exposure of clergy abuse in the 1990s beginning in Boston. Consequently, much was uncovered, including the revelation that it took place in her own high school in the 1970s. 

Key Takeaways:

Because of the PTSD symptoms, many people cope through alcohol and other substances. 

Children being viewed as children is a relatively newer concept in the history of humankind.

 Look at paintings from the past which depict many as miniature adults. 

There continues to be some resistance from the higher echelons of the church to fully attend go this.


”Jeffrey Epstein brought this issue to my attention, but he is just a blip in life. He is a dark stain on our present times who will be locked away or fade away.” Darlene Corbett


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