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Get Unstuck Now

Oct 29, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Stephanie Angelo discuss:

Stephanie’s comprehension and experience around the issue of Domestic Violence from a personal and professional aspect. Her past speaking platform was around this very issue. 


Key Takeaways:

As a Human Resources Consultant, Stephanie became very interested in children’s safety and programs.

Eventually, she concluded how undertrained H.R. professionals were around domestic abuse and its impact on employees. 

Stephanie eventually became involved in training others on how to detect the signs of domestic abuse as they played out in the workplace.  

Although inroads have been made, this continues to be a major social problem. 

An important book along with Stephanie’s book, Serrated, is Not to People Like Us by Dr. Susan Weitzman.

Stephanie discusses her book which centered around a specific woman who asked her to write it. This book displays the horrors of this social problem. 

She also shares information about the board game she developed with a colleague called OUTrage. It is a very useful tool but should only be used with adults and children 13 years and over. 


If people speak up, and one person is joined by one more and those two are joined by one more and those three are joined by one more, you can accumulatively have an effect of having voices heard and that is where change takes place. -

Stephanie Angelo


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