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Get Unstuck Now

Sep 24, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Roberta Taylor discuss:

Transitioning in the second half of life gives room for opportunities but not always an easy journey. There is a greater need to promote this part of life. Roberta offers her expertise around this. One of the groups she offers is ”Embracing Seventy and Forward.”

Key Takeaways:

As women get older, they experience themselves in a different way which can be confusing and lonely and could benefit from the type of services Roberta offers.

Retirement transitioning which Roberta specializes in can also be challenging for individuals and couples.

It is important for women in this age bracket need to talk to other women.

Having a purpose is so important.

Some adult children have difficulty with their parents’ desire not to retire.

Having a balance between staying independent and knowing when to ask for help.

”You bring women together and they talk and they engage. We get attached in a positive way.” - Roberta Taylor

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