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Get Unstuck Now

Jun 19, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and Deneen discuss:

Deneen has a background in social work. She is a Black Indian woman born into a family legacy of highly gifted healers. Her background is Native American Iroquois tribe in the Niri kingdom. She shares with the audience the journey from trauma and self-healing.

Key Takeaways:

She is a soul medium, spiritual coach and storyteller. 

She is a seventh-generation shaman.

She is also an author, Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations, and will be starting a podcaster, The Goddess Complex.

While she was working in her role as social worker, she was dealing with her own earlier trauma, ignoring her own pain.

At age 47, the bottom fell out of her soul and hit rock bottom and began her healing journey.

She became angry, but her anger snapped her out of it. 

She used her own gifts to ask herself and wanted her answers to connect to herself rather than take her life. 

She knew about her gifts since she was age five and began developing her gifts. 

A soul medium, one of her roles, is used to help connect to divine forces. Her expertise as a medium is to connect with the soul.

The soul is a beautiful entity into itself.

She discusses the process in connecting with the soul before even meeting the individual.

Deneen’s soul readings provide motivation to not give up and continue onward. 

She realizes that some of her depression was because she was not embracing her gifts.

Emotional pain is really meant to prepare us for that destiny which Deneen explains in depth.

In her soul readings, Deneen gives them a “blueprint.”

Deneen invites people to be curious about who they are at their core. 

She promotes people getting an ancestry test. 


“Life is not over. It is just beginning.” - Deneen Joyner


Connect with Deneen Joyner:

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Book: Soul Wounds and Sacred Revelations which can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kindle and by Fall/Winter - Apple and Audible.

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