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Dec 19, 2019

In This Episode, Darlene and Tara Clancy discuss:


There are many issues around lack of restorative speech which Tara explains.

There are other issues besides sleep apnea such as Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome. 

You may not have clinical sleep apnea but that does not preclude you from having other sleep disorders such as RERA.

Tara has had sleep issues which led her on an exploratory journey to better understand sleep syndrome disorders and educate all of us less informed.


Key Takeaways:

Most people do not realize they do not get enough sleep.

Tara has an amazing background around sleep issues

Tara describes her own journey around sleep issues.

Tara discusses the issue of ”sleep hygiene” or what Tara refers to as ”sleep integrity.”

Deep sleep is most imperative.

Tara talks about the sleeping issues as ”night-time breathing problems” with sleep apnea being the king on the continuum. 

Snoring means there is a disruption of airflow to the brain.

Tara provides concrete examples to help people comprehend the process involved in the development of sleep disorders.

Many specialists now take a more holistic view of the area of sleep disorders.

Tara has a quiz on her website, which shows the full range of things that can come up related to nighttime breathing problems.

CPAP is just a bandaid.

She discusses her call to action about breathing:

C - Closed Mouth

T - Tongue Up

A - Airway Preservation 

Posture has an impact on breathing.


”Slow-wave sleep is essentially when the body is inactive because the brain is doing all of its repairs.” - Tara Clancy


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