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Get Unstuck Now

Jul 15, 2020

In This Episode, Darlene and Christine Beauchaine discuss:

Her latest book as well as others endeavors. She is a teacher, writer, an artist, and advocate. In addition, Christine is an Early Childhood Educator and Certified Yoga Teacher. She discusses her journey of dealing with her grief. 

Key Takeaways:

She has been a writer since childhood and began poetry in adolescence. 

As a result of a major loss, she became extremely anxious, and after having a panic attack, she examined her life and decided to take risks. She returned to writing and ventured into new territory. This new chapter began in her early forties. 


“What will people think? We reject ourselves first so other people don’t have the opportunity to reject us.” - Christine Beauchaine


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Her books can be found on Amazon: 

Lost and Found At the Bowl-O-Drome

Winds of Providence: A  Novel of the Hurrican of 38’

Allison Forever


You can also go to her Blog site:

Forces of


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Book: Stop Depriving the World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck

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