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Get Unstuck Now

Aug 13, 2019

Welcome to Tap into the Power of You


Welcome to Tap into the Power of You! This podcast is about helping people get unstuck. On this show, explore ways to get unstuck with Darlene and with the guests that are welcomed onto the show from a wide variety of backgrounds, groups, and fields of focus. As you listen to and engage with this show, you will be able to develop ways that are unique to you and your life. This podcast is for everyone who is stuck and feel that life is over at a certain age (such as 40-years-old), but as you listen you will realize that life is not over and it is not boring. Welcome and let’s move forward, unstuck, together.


"This show is going to have many themes. Some might resonate with you, some might not initially…but it helps sow the seeds and helps you develop something that’s uniquely for you." —  Darlene


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Book: Stop Depriving the World of You: A Guide for Getting Unstuck



Show notes by Podcastologist: Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie


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